Back in October of 1904, Lloydminster held its first fair. Following this event, the community of Lloydminster recognized that there would be a benefit in forming an Agricultural Society and so two years later, a society was registered in Saskatchewan in 1906. On April 3, 1908, a second agricultural society was incorporated in Alberta, and eventually, on February 28 1921, both societies amalgamated into one. This united society has grown and evolved into the Exhibition Association as it exists today.


Today we are able to provide a host of modern facilities and events, giving all sectors opportunities to showcase their goods, services, and innovations with agricultural partners, colleagues and the general public.

Our Association is primarily operated by a strong base of over 400 volunteers, complemented by 25 dedicated full time employees and upwards of 180 part-time employees. We are proud to host over 900 activity days with 200,000 visitors annually.

In 2005, the Lloydminster Exhibition Association received significant financial contribution from the Alberta Lottery Fund to further develop and improve on our facilities. Projects such as the construction of a new state-of-the-art catering facility has allowed our Association to host larger groups and transform our catering department into a top notch facility. 

We have seen many changes to our organization,as well as the City of Lloydminster, but one thing that has not changed is our dedication to the continued growth of our whole community. Agricultural development and education are our highest priorities. Through our programs and facilities, we are dedicated to providing support to the business, social and cultural sectors of our region, as well as developing the tourism industry of our community. 

The events which are held at our facilities, whether they be agricultural, business or social, attract not only regional and local participants, but national and even international guests as well. This translates into over 200,000 visits annually to the Lloydminster Exhibition’s complex and to the City of Lloydminster. We take great pride in making all those who attend functions and activities at our grounds feel a warm Lloydminster welcome.