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Wheat Pete - Maximum Wheat!

Record breaking wheat! At 246 bu/ac (16.52 t/ha, 6.69 t/ac), the UK set a new record wheat yield in 2105, regaining the title from New Zealand.  What is it that UK and NZ farmers do that Canadian farmers don’t?

You can blame it all on water, or a SHORT GROWING SEASON, but if that’s your attitude, you will never be a real wheat farmer!  You simply must set up for high yields, if you ever want to achieve high yields.  There is a clear synergy between nitrogen use and fungicide use (NXF).  Yield responses to higher N rates with fungicides applied at the proper time have resulted in yield increases far greater than the simple sum of added N or fungicides alone. UK research is suggesting this synergistic effect is even greater with the new SDHI group of fungicides, which may offer even more opportunities to growers willing to manage wheat well.  Putting the NXF interaction into practice can move growers to a new level of wheat yields.

And it is not just the N by fungicide interaction. From planting date to seeding rate to tiller management, there are many factors to achieving better wheat yields. All the management techniques to achieve high wheat yields will be discussed, with strategies that allow being able to shut down on added inputs should the water turn off at any point along the way.  Grow MAXIMUM WHEAT!

 Thank you to our sponsor.

Thank you to our sponsor.

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